Dry, dry, dry! FIRST ALERT FORECAST shows increased danger of fire

Dry, dry, dry! FIRST ALERT FORECAST shows increased danger of fire

It is Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016.

First Alert Weather Outlook:

Wednesday will be another beautiful day in the Heartland with sunny skies and highs in the 70s. However, because it's another dry day in a string of dry days, the danger of grass fires and wildfires is much higher than usual. To make matters worse, Brian says the wind will pick up tomorrow ahead of rain expected Friday. FIRST ALERT: be aware of burn bans in your area, in fact it might be a good idea to put off burning anything you need to until after Friday's rain.

CLICK HERE for the full First Alert Forecast.

Making Headlines:

Elevated risk: Starting campfires, lighting fireworks and smoking cigarettes are among the outdoor activities being banned across the South as fires burn in forests stressed by drought. In the Heartland, dry conditions have fire crews on high alert. CLICK HERE for a look at where burn bans are right now.

Looking to improve: The City of Cape Girardeau will host a meeting on Wednesday, Nov.16 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Shawnee Center to let the Purpose Built Communities team share their approach to improving neighborhoods. The meeting will focus on south Cape Girardeau, but all are welcome to attend.

Controversial move: A contentious part of Louisville history--will soon be torn down and shipped west. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer's office says a controversial Confederate monument near the University of Louisville is being relocated to Brandenburg.

Successful procedure: A Memphis, TN hospital has successfully separated conjoined twins. The procedure took 18 hours. The twins were fused together at the lower half of the body.

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