Some Cape Girardeau residents not feeling too jolly this holiday season

(KFVS) - It's been a challenging year and you may not be ready for all of the upcoming holiday cheer.

"I'm not sure what all the factors are, but you know I'm just not quite feeling it yet," Cape Girardeau resident Michael Perry said.

Whether it's because of the warmer weather or the aftermath of an unusual election, some Cape Girardeau residents said they have mixed feeling about this holiday season.

"It's been an eventful year and this election really wore on everybody," he said. "I think and it's just ugh, it was definitely the most interesting election of my lifetime."

Regardless of how people are feeling, tis' the season for Cape Public Works workers to begin putting up Christmas decorations downtown.

"It's been a rough year because of all the divisiveness, but the obvious answer is to put one foot in front of the other," counselor Bob Dale said.

Dale said now's a good time to get back to the things that matter most.

"If you remember the spirit lives in you and it doesn't live around you then you'll be fine," he said.

So whether your candidate lost, you haven't started shopping or you're not quite ready to put up that tree, many people said the true holiday spirit will come when families are together with the ones they love the most.

"When things are good with your family, usually that projects out into the world," Perry said. "I have hopes that 2017 will be better for the world."

"Ignore all the things that don't matter and opinions that don't really matter because it's really your family that's going to be there for you," Cape Girardeau resident Elizabeth Harrell said.

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