Operation Christmas Child turns empty shoeboxes into gifts for children

Operation Christmas Child turns empty shoeboxes into gifts for children

(KFVS) - One charity is collecting transformed shoe boxes.

The empty box will go from once holding a pair of shoes to holding a gift filled with toys, school supplies and hygiene items.

Back in July, we gave you the details of how to contribute to Operation Christmas Child.

The gifts are handed out across the world to children in need.

"And this! That's a whistle pen I think," Cole Schmidt, Kindergartner at St. Paul Lutheran Church and School said.

Today Nov. 14, 2016 drop off locations open for Operation Christmas Child.

Where people and children, like 5-year-old Cole Schmidt, can give a shoebox of gifts to a child in need.

"They would like this, and this thing, and a really cool mater," he said.

"It's a great way to teach them that giving is really important and for them to get excited about that instead of receiving gifts but teaching that spirit of generosity," his father Joshua Schmidt, and Pastor St. Paul Lutheran Church and School said.

Cole's father said he can't look at a shoebox the same way now.

"You see a shoebox and you think what else can I put in there besides shoes and even something as small as this can be meaningful to someone else even if it isn't filled with shoes," Schmidt said. "So yeah, it helps you see those in a whole new way."

And that the impact of helping a child who needs it makes others want to join in.

"The impact that just a shoebox has on a kid who probably could fit all of his positions inside a shoebox and to give that away and to help those who don't have a lot I think that what really captures people."

For the next week its goal is to collect more than 13,000 shoebox gifts between Nov. 14, 2016 until November 21, 2016.

There will be multiple locations in southeast Missouri available as drop off location for Samartian's Purse International Relief Operation Christmas Child.

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