Young Boy Loses Finger in Bike Accident

Six Year Old Boy Loses Finger in Bike Crash
By: Lauren Keith

Most parents are probably used to the occasional bumps and bruises kids get when they fall off their bikes, but in a recent crash, a six year old boy lost half of his finger.

Dakota decided he would fix a broken bike chain himself, and when he reached down--- his finger got caught!

"It's just something a parent doesn't think about! " said Terri Robasse.

And she hasn't stopped thinking about what she could have done to prevent her six year old from losing half of his finger in a bike crash.

"I rounded the corner and saw my child with ten people around him, blood everywhere, puddles of blood, everybody had blood on them, and they had clamped his arm and his hand up in the air with his finger half-gone!" she says.

Terri regrets not paying closer attention to the broken chain on her son's bike. She also wished the bike manual would have warned her there wasn't any chain guard to protect curious little fingers, like Dakota's. Her six year old tried to fix the chain himself.

"Everywhere I look now, I see kids messing with their bikes and I say, 'Hey, don't do that-- they don't realize the danger!" said Robasse.

Terri also advises all parents to have a plan of action when emergencies arise.

She says while she was trying to calm her son, she also worried which hospital could offer the best care and perhaps, save her son's finger.

"It's a very scary thing to have your child screaming he's going to die, and you're trying to find a hospital."

Terri plans to talk to her legislators about what can be done to ensure all Southern Illinois hospitals can repair missing limbs.