E911 Upgrade

E911 Upgrade
By: Wes Wallace
Murray, KY - You've heard the saying before, but it bears repeating. In an emergency, every second counts. That's why dispatchers and emergency responders in Calloway County are learning a new computer system to help when you need them most.
"If you have an accident or get injured and can't talk, as long as you can dial 9-1-1, we can get help to you," says Calloway County Sheriff Larry Roberts, "We won't have to guess where we're going now, and we can find you much faster."
With the help of phase two wireless technology, dispatchers can pinpoint your location, whether you're calling from a cell phone or your own phone.
"In the past, with the old system, they were only able to show you the location of the nearest cell phone tower, which isn't necessarily where the caller is and needs help," explains Tammy Tankersley, a software instructor for the new E911 system.
Besides emergencies the computer network can also help record and store valuable information related to crimes or other incidents. 911 Coordinator for Calloway County Ed Pavlick says, "It's useful both in ongoing investigations and for court cases, it's doing so much for us."
For now, dispatchers are still training on the new system. It should be up and running within a few weeks.