How to protect your plants from the winter freeze

How to protect your plants from the winter freeze

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Well, have you felt the cold temperature blast yet? If not, you should expect to real soon.

A freeze is predicted to occur for much of the Heartland area Saturday, Nov. 12 into Sunday, Nov. 13, and it's important to make sure you know what to do with those outside plants.

Paul Schnare, owner of Sunny Hill in Cape Girardeau, said they have already brought in most of the plants from outside that could be affected by the cold weather.

So, what plants should you bring in?

"If you have tropical plants they need to be brought in, simply because thy can't handle freezing temperatures," Schnare said. "If you're talking about plants that can normally handle cold temperatures, no I'm not that concerned about it."

Other plants you need to bring in are ferns, fig trees, as well as potted tomato plants to name a few, according to Schnare.

Of course, some plants, such as tomato plants that are planted in the ground, can't very well be brought inside. However, there are other ways to protect them.

"What you probably ought to do with those things is cover them with a grow cover or a light weight sheet or something like that, to help keep the frost off them and also to help hold some heat from the soil," Schnare said.

But what happens if you don't bring them in and Mother Nature's cold bite gets to them?

"It just depends on the plant," Schnare said. "If it's a plant with a lot of woody tissues, no it probably wouldn't kill it. It would probably defoliate it. It could actually create some damage to the ends of the twigs and those kind of things."

Schnare said if there is any doubt whether or not your plants can handle the freeze, it would be better to bring them in overnight just to be on the safe side.

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