Some minority Americans wary of Donald Trump presidency

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - While some Americans take their frustrations about the election to the streets, others are still stunned and fearful of their future in America.

Some Heartland people representing multiple minority groups say they are wary for the next four years of a Donald Trump presidency.

"My first impression was, "what's next?" because I still don't know what's next!" trans student Jayson Thompson said.

"I was like panicking," Latino student Dulce Munoz said. "I did have a meltdown, I was like 'well what does my future hold,' like has it all been wiped away?"

On the Southeast Missouri State campus, minority students clearly have their concerns post-election.

"I thought it was going to come to me having to leave the U.S. at some point," Munoz said. "So I had the anxiety of 'I guess all my future and hard work of staying here in the U.S. trying to get a degree, trying to make a living out of myself, that may not happen anymore'."

Since becoming President-elect, Donald Trump has promised to Americans that he will unify the country and be president to all Americans.

SEMO trans student Jayson Thompson said he wants to believe that, but still gets attacked for expressing his views.

"Complaining has nothing to do with how I'm feeling," Thompson said. "Complaining about how I plan to live my life comfortable, that's not a complaint - that's me being confused, that's me not knowing what's next."

"If you haven't walked in a person shoes, keep your mouth off of their situation," pastor Scott Johnson said. "Just let people be who they are and if we can get past faults, we might be able to unify and get things done."

Since Tuesday, protesters have taken to the streets to show their concern about Trump being in the oval office.

Cape Girardeau Pastor Scott Johnson said he believes now is the time for protesters to accept the president the majority chose, and find out ways to make the country better.

"When it's all said and done, each night they lay down or don't go to sleep, and get back up to riot another day," he said. "Donald Trump is still in the presidential seat in the office, so how do you address that? You address that in a professional, but wise, manner."

All three people say they accept Donald Trump as their president, but have hope in America's political system in making sure all decision made are best for all Americans.

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