Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday Shopping Tips

(KFVS) - You've made the list of everyone you need to buy for, so now you need to come up with a Black Friday shopping strategy.

We're here to help you lay out a plan that's sure to help you score all the deals you want.

1.) Start shopping now. Seriously. While it's fun to look through the paper ads, more and more retailers are starting their Black Friday deals early. If you have certain item's you're eying, start doing your research now and compare prices online because you might actually find a deal before the big day.

2.) Study up before the big day. You aren't a rookie, that's why you're reading this! Study the ads, both in print and online, the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving to get an idea of who has what to offer. If you're shopping with someone else, take notes and compare them to come up with a strategy.

3.) Use Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you like and follow your favorite stores because they will likely post special alerts about the discounts and incentives you can expect both in store and online.

4.) Charge your phone! Before you head out the door, make sure you have a full battery. That phone will come in handy: use apps to scan the barcode of the item you're interested in to make sure it's the best deal. A lot of major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target allow you to scan items to find out what the going rate is at their store. You may save a few bucks along the way. Oh, and you'll need your phone to communicate with the members of your shopping squad!

5.) Make a budget and STICK TO IT! I know, that seems obvious, but you're sure to be enticed by all the hot Black Friday deals. But, that's exactly what retailers are hoping you'll do. Before you know it, you've bought way more than you intended and your credit card is maxed out. If you don't think you can resist, you may want to plan on using cash this year so you aren't tempted to charge it.

6.) Check return policies BEFORE you head to the store. Read the store's return policy to make sure you understand it before making a purchase. You may have a change of heart once you unload your goodies, so it's good to know if stores will charge a restocking fee. OR, you may find the item goes down in price and the store may price-match. Don't forget to hang on to all your receipts in case you do need to make a return or exchange.

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