Madison County, MO elects first woman sheriff

MADISON COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Voters in Madison County and Saline County, Missouri elected and re-elected women to the position of sheriff on Tuesday night, November 8.

According to the clerk's office, Katy McCutcheon is the first woman elected to the position of sheriff in Madison County.

The unofficial, final results were 3,278 for McCutcheon and 2,023 for Jason Fitzwater.

McCutcheon has been working in public service in the county for 15 years. She is currently the county's 911 director and deputy coroner.

McCutcheon said she is overwhelmed by the support from her community.

"Madison County is my family, is my friends, and I felt that I owed them the obligation to run, and I really appreciate everyone coming out and supporting me," she said.

McCutcheon said wasn't thinking about her gender when she decided to run for Madison County Sheriff.

"Madison County is my hometown, my home community, and I felt I had an obligation that I needed to run."

However, she says, some did.

"Several folks that thought that I shouldn't run just for the fact that I was a female, and they didn't want to see something happen to me or see me get killed," McCutcheon said.

Those thoughts didn't stop her.

McCutcheon is the county's 911 director and deputy coroner, with fifteen years of service in Madison County.

With her win she will be the second female sheriff in the state of Missouri.

The first to gain the position through general elections.

An election she thought she would lose.
"I thought I was because I was the female. I was the underdog," McCutcheon said.

She turned out to be anything but the underdog.

McCutcheon went to the courthouse Wednesday, November 9, and was met with applause.

"It means a lot. she's a good woman for the job. I know she can get it done," said a courthouse employee.

While not everyone gave her their vote, McCutcheon says she will serve them with open arms.

"They had their reasons for not voting for me, but they still live in Madison County, and I still feel that they are mine, and I will take care of them," McCutcheon said.

Because even though it's a tough job, it's one McCutcheon knows she can do.

"You have three thousand folks out there that saw my name and thought I want to vote for her. She's going to make a difference. She's going to change, and make Madison County better," McCutcheon said.

She said both she and her Republican opponent ran a clean and fair race, she just happened to be the winner.

In Saline County, Sheriff Cindi Mullins was elected to a new term after her appointment to the role in February.

You can click here for more election results.

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