Endless Summer

Coppertone creates an Endless Summer in a lotion it describes as different from other sunless tanning lotions. Will it leave you looking like you spent time on the beach? Or does it look more like you took a few seconds slopping on a shortcut?

Endless Summer claims it's different in three ways. First, you see results in 30 minutes. Second, it gives a natural tan, not an orange one. And third, it moisturizes your skin at the same time.

"It's always a guessing game," says Tracy Short. "You never know how even you got it until it dries." Our first tester is Tracy Short. She's a producer here at KFVS who's used other sunless tanning lotions in the past. She notices a new feeling right away.

"It was just a little tingly and a little warm," she explains. "It felt like I had just put a lot of moisturizer on. It felt good, really."Directions say to wash your hands immediately, to prevent brown spots on your palms. But you can't wash the rest of you for several hours. "I don't like the idea of not being able to shower or swim or bathe for three hours," Tracy reacts. "It also has an odor."

We start the timer and let our producer get back to work. Then it's on to another skin type and another test. Chris Best is our executive producer, so it's no surprise he brands a number 12 on his arm to see if it shows up darker than the rest of his skin.

Okay, time to see if Endless Summer lives up to its claim of promised color in 30 minutes. "It's not the results I expected at all,"Tracy says. "I would have expected a much darker tan." "Getting color usually isn't the problem," Chris chimes in. "It's the streaking, or it's yellow instead of dark. And this looks like it's just making my skin darker."

Since directions say not to get wet for three hours, that's how long we wait for our final check. "I thought that since my skin is so light, it would turn darker," Tracy says, still frustrated."It hasn't. I can't tell any difference, and I'm disappointed. And I still smell."

But Channel 12 clearly shows up on Chris's arm!"It's definitely darker," says Chris. "I can tell a difference." And Chris doesn't mind the smell.

So two different skin types, two different results. Endless Summer depends on your chemistry. When it works, it works well. But because it's not always reliable, Endless Summer only earns a 'C.' By the way, you can find this Coppertone product at most stores.