Prisoner Escapes - Ends Up in Hospital

Prisoner Escapes - Ends Up in Hospital
By: Arnold Wyrick
Jefferson County, IL - A Kane County prisoner, arrested on drug charges, and being transferred down to Jefferson County, ends up in the hospital instead. That's after police say 33-year-old Torrie Daniels tried to escape.
"The van had just exited Interstate 57, and was turning left on Broadway to head towards the jail. That's when the correctional officers heard a disturbance in the back of the van," says Jefferson County Sheriff Roger Mulch.
"And when the investigated the disturbance, they observed one of the doors to the van was open. And one of the inmates was laying on the roadway."
Sheriff Mulch says ten other inmates inside the van at the time Daniels exited the vehicle remained in their seats, as one of the correctional officers shielded Daniels from traffic.
Now investigators are trying to figure out how Daniels could've opened the door of the van.
"They're handcuffed, belly chained, and shackled around the legs. Keeping that in mind they're not fastened to a stationary object within that van. However they are chained up very solid, where it limits their movements a great deal," Sheriff Mulch said.
Now a complete investigation into the trip from Kane County, to Jefferson County is underway.
"The correctional officers followed the protocol to the "T". Daniels physically unlocked the door himself. Pulled the door handle open, and probably tired to exit the vehicle," Sheriff Mulch said.
"But the equipment issue is what we're looking at now. We're checking to make sure all our transporting equipment falls in line with safety, and security mandates."
Meanwhile Daniels is recovering at Barnes Jewish Hospital in Saint Louis, after having surgery for injuries he suffered when hitting the roadway. Sheriff Mulch says once he's released from the hospital, Jefferson County Deputies will transport him back to Jefferson County, where he could face additional criminal charges of attempted escape.