Reddit to American citizens: 'voting is a right'

Reddit to American citizens: 'voting is a right'

(KFVS) - Reddit made it clear on Tuesday, the social discussion site wants all Americans to vote.

When you log on to the site, a message popped up reminding people today is Election Day.

Regardless of who they choose, Reddit users were encouraged to cast their ballots because "voting is a right and one of the most effective ways of influencing how our country is run."

The site also provided redditors with resources to get sample ballots, polling locations, and more.

Reddit went on to say:

This is Reddit's third election cycle, and we know emotions run high this time of year. The United States celebrates the longest stretch of uninterrupted peaceful transfers of power in the world. When the dust settles, our country will still be standing, as will Reddit, and we can get back to arguing about whether a hotdog is sandwich (it's not).

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