County Clerks prepare for election

County Clerks prepare for election

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - It might be not the first thing on our mind Tuesday when the election happens but the workers at the polls and county clerks offices nationwide will be working to run a smooth election. Williamson County is no exception as they did last minute prep and early voting on the same day. But even with the double duty this is still the easier day for Williamson County Clerk Amanda Barnes.

"Well tomorrow it will be busy because we have to register everybody," she explained. "We have all this paperwork we have to do cause they're all making a change [to their registration information] but today's a little faster and it's gonna be busy."

Election day the Clerks office will only be for those who need to re-register or make a change to their registration information. Most people will be voting in their precincts which will be overseen by election judges.

"It's kinda getting everything coordinated between the judges and the polling places," said Barnes when asked what the craziest part of the election season. "Then afterward we got people going out to pick everything up."

Part the prep includes getting enough ballots out to each precinct and for all voters who are registering on election day.

"Well we have this ballot on demand so we are able to print our ballots for everyone who we didn't have registered," said Barnes. "So that helps with that, we can print as needed."

All the extra work that is just a last step to help out for tomorrows election.

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