Mysterious Note Found - Missing Boy?

Mysterious Note Found - Missing Boy?
By: Wes Wallace

Matthews, MO - It's a simple note that's creating some complex problems for police in New Madrid County, and they're afraid time could be running out for whoever left the letter behind. Someone found the note last Friday inside the TA truck stop near Matthews, just off I-55.

"In essence, it said, "Help me, my name is Billy, I'm being held against my will by a man in a green shirt," Sheriff Terry Stevens recalls what a worker at the truck stop saw on the note, which now has disappeared, "Somehow the note was misplaced. We saw it on the security camera tape, it was on the counter, but then it got thrown away."
Harvey Binder manages the truck stop and says he got the note from a trucker and immediately called Matthews police. Unfortunately, Matthews police didn't get the message until Monday morning....two days after the note was discovered in a bathroom stall.
Sheriff Stevens says he doesn't know if the note is a hoax or if it's legitimate, but he's not taking any chances. He's contacted the Amber Alert officials and check with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. So far no one fits the description. He's hoping if anyone at the truck stop last Friday noticed something suspicious, they'll come forward and contact police.