Operation Kennett Crackdown

Operation Kennett Crackdown
By: CJ Cassidy

Kennett, MO -It's not an issue of speed. It's a problem revolving around crack cocaine; drug agents recently netted nine suspects during Operation Kennett Crackdown; an investigation they say took six months of planning.

We tell you about drug busts quite often, but what goes into setting up a successful bust?

Undercover agents with the Bootheel Drug Task Force gave us an inside look.

A Kennett motel became the ideal setup for police to catch some crack cocaine crooks in action.

"The informant and undercover officer were in one room, we had agents with the task force in another room and then an arrest team in a third room and yet a fourth operator on the outside," Agent Tim Trowbridge says.

Not to mention a host of invisible witnesses that don't lie; hidden cameras.

"The bad guys would take crack cocaine and money and place it on the table we would see it from where we were because we had several cameras in this room," Trowbridge says.

All strategically placed to capture many different angles.

"We travel all over the world basically to learn how to place cameras make recordings stuff like that," agents say.

Agent Trowbridge says it all pays off later. Video police clearly showed us a suspect selling crack cocaine to a police informant.

"Once the bad guys give us controlled substances it's always good for us to have video recording where the controlled substances are. That way when you're in court, attorneys can't argue and say crack cocaine was there before," he says.

These operations come full of risks.

"Sometimes they carry weapons it's just a toss up," Agent Trowbridge says.

But police say taking drug dealers off the streets is well worth their efforts. "They're right there selling controlled substances to just kids, teenagers. It's risky but the risk is worth the cause," Trowbridge says.

Investigators say they're so pleased with the way this sting worked out, so much so they look ahead to reeling in more drug dealers in the future.

olice say they're grateful to the owners of the motel who allowed them complete access to carry out the operation.

gents say they've noticed many people in the community now like to help out when it comes to the war on drugs