11/6/16 - Supreme Court

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

As election day approaches, we need to make our decision about who will be the new leader of our nation by casting our vote for President on election day.  It seems many Americans may do this with little thought as to the lasting effects of this year's historic election on the Supreme court.

Any president can have a long lasting impact through the justices they nominate to the Supreme Court. For example, the current nine justice court includes a Ronald Reagan nominee. The only justice that Gerald Ford named to the Court served for 35 years. With the death of Antonin Scallia in February, one seat currently is vacant. Two of the current justices are older than 80, a third will reach that milestone during the next president's term, and a fourth will reach their 70th birthday.

What's all this mean to you? Our next president could name as many as five justices to the Supreme Court. Five justices of the same ideology could be chosen by the same President. There has never been a president that could have more impact to the supreme court than now.  Who we elect on November 8th could have far reaching consequences well beyond what any of us can imagine. The direction of our country could be changed, or preserved, forever.

Remember, the Supreme Court has made landmark, life changing decisions, on key issues that affect our daily lives such as marriage, abortion, segregation, prayer in school, and gun ownership, to name just a few.  Who the President puts on the supreme court could have more impact on our way of life that who we put in the oval office. Now, more than ever, regardless of whether you are liberal or conservative, it's important to have your voice heard on November 8th.

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our Viewpoint.

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