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Jackson, MO

Jackson Schools Release New Plan

Jackson Schools Release New Plan
By: Heartland News

After not getting enough votes in April, Jackosn school leaders say they're not stopping their hopes of a school renovation proposal.

Instead, the superintendent tells Heartland News they're scaling back the project.

With some cutbacks and modifications, school leaders say the can complete the project for 19-point-eight million dollars. The last proposal was around 27 million dollars.

Changes include not as much remodliing and eliminating stadium improvements.

The news release from the school district is below.

Jackson R-2 Schools

High school construction & renovation project  

What has changed with the high school  project?

  • Building “a” will be utilized for the alternative school and additional classroom space as needed.
  • The amount of remodeling of building “c” will be reduced.
  • The large group instruction area will be eliminated and overall square footage will be reduced.
  • The annex building will be renovated and added on to accommodate the agriculture and industrial arts program, instead of building a new facility.
  • The amount of site work will be reduced.
  • Stadium improvements in the original plan have been eliminated.
  • Some of the work needed in this project will be completed by our maintenance staff.

 How will the project be financed?

  • The plan will be financed through the sale of leasehold revenue bonds. School districts are authorized to enter into a lease financing agreement with a non-profit corporation and then make payments equal to the debt service on the revenue bonds required to pay for the project. A simple majority vote is required to pass this tax levy.
  • The lease purchase option is a method of funding capital improvements. Orchard elementary, the multi-purpose building, and the transportation facility were built in this manner, as well as the county jail and the show-me center.


Why are we using the lease purchase option for the August election?

  • In november and april we had the option of  running a 4/7ths general obligation bond.  
  • Because of state statutes, we cannot run another 4/7ths general obligation bond prior to 2006. It is likely that the costs of interest and construction materials will increase.

How much will this project cost?

  • The proposal will increase the tax levy ceiling by 49¢.
  • The owner of a home valued at $100,000 would have an increase of approximately $93 annually in property taxes.

How can I find out  more about this election?

please contact the board of education office at 243-9501 for more information about this project.

Where do I register to vote?

If you are not registered to vote, you can do so at the county clerk’s office, #1 Barton Square, or at the Jackson R-2 board of education office, 614 E. Adams St. Before July 6, 2005.

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