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Single people will you vote in the election? Survey says you should if you want a date

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Single men and women this one is for your.

Your future date cares if you vote in the election.

That is according to new numbers reported in Match's "Singles in America" survey.

Turns out, 27 percent of singles would not date someone who didn't vote.

About 35 percent of those surveyed said not having an opinion on key issues is a deal breaker.

When it comes to women, they really want their dates to vote.

Nearly 8 in 10 women say they wouldn't go out with someone who didn't cast their ballot.

However, it appears it does not matter who you vote for, just as long as you vote.

In fact, a majority of single people don't expect their date to tell them if they voted for Donald Trump or Hillary.

That was the case for about 77 percent people surveyed.

Which makes sense, since 79 percent of singles said they had no problem dating someone from a different political party.

Now, if you want to increase your chances of scoring a second date, you might want to talk about hot button issues.

The survey found A good discussion on any political issue can boost your chances of a second date by 91 percent.

Most singles, 80 percent, are happy to talk about religion, gun control, immigration, and marriage equality on the first date.

Bottom line: The survey shows single Americans think voting and being able to discuss politics are a key piece of being in a relationship.

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