Secrets of the Scratch Off

Secrets of the Scratch Off
By: Ryan Tate

Some scratch-off lottery players know information that might help their chances at winning big cash prizes.  It is as simple as using the internet.

Heartland states have lottery pages where players can check to see how many cash prizes for games are still available.  Every scratch-off game has a specific number of prizes available to win.  Those websites update how many prizes remain unpaid.  According to cashiers Heartland News contacted, when all of a game’s top prizes have been won, lottery representatives come in to take those games away.  The website also informs players when a game is officially over and how long they have to claim their prize before it becomes void.

Some people have less sophisticated ways of picking winners.

Some people come in and pick numbers that mean something to them, then they check with the numbers on the lottery board and pick that scratch-off game,” Norma Capone said. Capone manages a Cape Girardeau convenient store.  “Sometimes they are lucky.”

Others prefer the hand of lady luck.

“I pick a game because I have been successful at it in the past,” Robert Yunker said.  I don’t care if the big money is not available, I’ll take the smaller amounts.”

Below you can link to our Heartland state's lottery web sites: