Is there an age limit on wearing jeans? Survey says yes

Is there an age limit on wearing jeans? Survey says yes

(KFVS) - For most, jeans are are a staple in their wardrobe, no matter the age.

Apparently, there is an age you should stop wearing jeans.

According to a new survey by British parcel delivery and return service company CollectPlus, you should stop wearing jeans at the age of 53.

The age has nothing to do with how you look in them, but how much trouble it is to find that perfect pair.

The company surveyed 2,000 Britons.

They found 1 in 10 people try on as many as 6 pairs of jeans in one shopping trip.

Some shoppers spend about five days looking for the right fit.

In some cases, people experience so much stress shopping for jeans that they burst into tears. That was the case for about 6 percent of the people surveyed.

What is more, 24 percent admit they have never found the perfect pair of jeans and 3 in 10 people have given up completely.

The survey found the stress of finding a pair isn't worth shopping for a pair of jeans past the age of 53.

As for wearing habits:

  • People with go about 3 years before buying another pair, and for one in five they'll go as long as five years.
  • When you have the perfect pair, the people surveyed said they typically wear them five times before washing them.
  • About a third of people will wear them pretty much everywhere, from the theater to a dinner party. Some will even wear them to a job interview, wedding, or a funeral. That is true for about 5 percent of people.

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