This week in music: 1966 The Monkees

This week in music: 1966 The Monkees

(KFVS) - Let's drop a couple of quarters into the Breakfast Show's Jukebox of Memories.

This morning we check out the music scene from this week in 1966.  Billboard's Hot 100 had the British act Herman's Hermits at number 5 with Dandy. That song was originally recorded by another British band, The Kinks.

At number four was one of the most well known Motown hits of the 60's.  Reach Out I'll Be There is considered the signature song of The Four Tops.

Johnny Rivers was in the number three spot with Poor Side of Town.  Not only was the song a departure from River's go-go sound, it was his first and only number one hit.

The number two song had everyone asking about the band that recorded it. Many say Question Mark and the Mysterians started the punk rock movement with 96 Tears. The song remains a staple on 60's rock radio stations to this day.

And at number one on this week in '66 was the debut single by The Monkees. Mickey Dolenz provided the vocals for Last Train to Clarksville. It was featured in their TV show seven times, the most for any Monkees hit.  Many believe the title refers to Clarksville, Tennessee, near Fort Campbell whose soldiers were serving in Vietnam at the time.

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