Proposed MO amendment would tighten voter requirements at the polls

Proposed MO amendment would tighten voter requirements at the polls

MISSOURI (KFVS) - If you're a Missouri voter, there are some critical decisions you'll have to make at the ballot box - regardless of what country you're in.

You'll notice the obvious: your local government and presidential choices on the front.

On the back, you'll find five constitutional amendments and one proposition, plus Amendment 6 - which will change your current voting procedure.

So what do you need to take with you to the polls on Tuesday?

"There are several options for voters," Supervisor of Elections Allen Seabaugh said. "They can bring their voter identification card that's issued by our office, or a driver's license, or a non-driver's license that's not expired, and then voters also have the option an out-of-state driver's license."

Right now, you can also walk in with your school ID, utility bill, bank statement, or paycheck - but a "Yes" vote for Amendment 6 on Tuesday would change that.

If it passes and you don't have  a photo ID, you could bring in the same items, but you'd have to sign a statement with your county election officials.

The state would pay the cost for a non-drivers license, for the elderly or those who aren't eligible for a regular drivers license.

To find out more information on voting next week, click here.

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