Does It Work: Ghost Pillow

Does It Work: Ghost Pillow
Calvin Brennan of Cape Girardeau tested the Ghost Pillow. (Source: KFVS)
Calvin Brennan of Cape Girardeau tested the Ghost Pillow. (Source: KFVS)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Halloween may be over, but the Ghost Pillow claims it can offer you supernatural comfort year round, but does it work?

The makers of the Ghost Pillow claim their memory foam system offers superior support and cooling technology.

To test those claims we tapped the talents of Calvin Brennan of Cape Girardeau; a man who is seriously picky about his pillows.

"I know what I like," said Brennan. "Kind of firm but not too firm… Every two or three months I get a new pillow. They kind of break down or sort of get lumpy and I throw them away."

Brennan took the Ghost Pillow along on a camping trip to the Ozarks, in a pop-up camper with plenty of creature comforts.

"It's got an air conditioner," said Brennan. "It's got a furnace in there, it has heated beds. It's got a sink, it's got a refrigerator. it's got everything but a bathroom."

After a long weekend in the woods, Brennan came home a believer in Ghost Pillows.

"Whenever you first lay down on it – it just fits. I don't like a hard pillow of a soft pillow and this is somewhere in the middle of it. Whenever I first laid down, I said I'm going to like this."

Brennan said he was sold on the Ghost Pillow's relaxing lavender scent and it's cooling capabilities.

"You know you're always trying to flip the pillow to get the cool side  - and that's both sides now," said Brennan.

Brennan said he slept like the dead until his wife, who typically uses a specialized neck and spine supporting pillow, asked to try out the Ghost Pillow. Then Brennan was left with his old pillow.

"It was definitely a different pillow," said Brennan. "I didn't like it as much – It was my normal pillow and I thought I might need to give that up."

Mrs. Brennan may be giving up her old pillow soon too.

"She said it was very comfortable and the one she bought was very expensive so I think we're going to get a couple of these Ghost Pillows."

Brennan gave Ghost Pillow 5 stars on this Does it Work Test.

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