Family Loses Weight Together

Family Loses Weight Together
By: Wendy Ray

Cape Girardeau, MO - If you think losing a few pounds is hard, try losing 150. Melanie Lankheit did it, but she wasn't alone. Melanie’s son and husband decided to join her and you won't believe how much weight they all lost together!

The Lankheit family lost a combined 400 pounds. They didn't use surgery, they used Weight Watchers, and today they feel great!

Melanie and Cliff Lankheit can easily walk three miles a day now. It was impossible for them to walk a few miles just three years ago. "I just felt like I was old, way over whatever my age was," Melanie says. "I felt ancient. I couldn't get around easy, it hurt to walk." Melanie weighed 311 pounds, Cliff weighed 367 pounds, and their son Kevin was 308 pounds. "I was just miserable," Cliff says. "I had sleep apnea. I had trouble sleeping. I was on two or three medications for my blood pressure."

Melanie and Cliff were always tired and couldn't keep up with daily life. A trip out west a few years ago was their breaking point. "Every few minutes I was out of breath. I had to sit down and watch the children have all the fun. My husband felt the same way and I told Cliff we have to do something," Melanie says.

The Lankheits joined Weight Watchers and were totally dedicated to it. The weight came off slowly. "The normal weight was two pounds, one and a half to two pounds a week," Melanie says. It took Melanie and Cliff two and a half years to lose the weight. Kevin, who’s a student at Murray State, lost 130 pounds. They say it wasn't easy, but their hard work was well worth it. They haven't felt this young in years. "It's like a whole new life that's what you got," Cliff says. "It’s like you're giving yourself the fountain of youth," Melanie says.

The Lankheits still use Weight Watchers. They've learned how to cook healthy, they watch their portion sizes, and walk daily.