Group skydives five times in five states in one day

Group skydives five times in five states in one day

(KFVS) - Jumping out of a plane can be an adventure for some, but for one group they decided to do it not once but five times and in five different states on Sunday, October 30.

Six people, as part of the SEMO Skydiving group, took to the skies starting in Cairo, Illinois.

From there they flew to the Kentucky Dam Village Airport where they jumped out there from an altitude of 4,500 feet. They landed before the plane even touched the ground in Kentucky.

They then packed up from there and flew to Union City, Tennessee where they again enjoyed their d rop.

"We flew to every location, jumped out, the airplane landed while we were packing up and then we got back in the airplane at every
location and jumped at the next," SEMO Skydiver Doris Dumey said.

The weather continued to cooperate, so they ended up skydiving in Blytheville, Arkansas, then at the Mississippi County Airport in Missouri and then back to Cairo, Ill. for their final d rop.

"We thought why not. Let's try it," Dumey said. "Stars aligned and the weather was perfect. We had enough jumpers and a pilot. Everything worked out for us so it was an awesome achievement for all of us."

There were five people that jumped and also the pilot who flew them to each location and picked them up.

Of those five, Doris Dumey is one of them. She has 1,292 total jumps in her career and hopes to exceed 1,300 by the end of the year.

Other jumpers include Craig Dumey with more than 1,900 jumps, Bryan Schott with more than 400 jumps, Gene Benthal with more than 700 jumps and Ralph Bailey who has surpassed more than 2,000 jumps, so far.

The pilot flying was Kyle Menigoz. He has been flying single and multi-engine airplanes since 2011.

Dumey said it was worth jumping five times on the same day, but also said it's a little physically challenging and a person needs to be in good shape.

"Most airports were 28 minutes apart. Twenty-six to 28 minutes of flight time so then you're anticipating the next jump and then when you get out you have to pack and get back," Dumey added.

"Five in a row that quickly is pretty taxing on your body. Not only physically but mentally as well."

The group is now doing some research to see if their feat has ever been accomplished before. If they don't find anyone that has jumped five times in five different states then they might enter their video they took to see if they can be in the Guinness World Record book.

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