New hotel under construction in Perryville, MO

New hotel under construction in Perryville, MO

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - City leaders in Perryville, Missouri say new jobs are coming to Perryville as the city continues on its trend of a boom in business development.

A Holiday Inn Express is currently under construction in Perryville, which is something the city administrator says is great for the city.

"Oh my gosh we've grown so much," Perryville resident Ashley Mcdonald said.

City administrator Brent Buerck said Perryville is a town that is growing in many ways.

His evidence?  A new hotel being built right now.

"75 rooms, 16 of them are going to be suites, it's going to be a Holiday Inn express, it's going to be right off the main interstate exit, it's going to fill a niche we believe we need," Buerck said.

"It's great it's good for the economy and might provide jobs," Perryville Resident Larry Endres said.

"We've went from driving the roads to fields to restaurants and houses so it's grown dramatically," Mcdonald said.

Buerck said an additional hotel, like a Holiday Inn Express, is something the city needs, adding at least 20 additional jobs.

"We had a huge soccer tournament this weekend 80 teams you know we could fill up pretty quick so it will be good for them and us," Buerck said.

"A lot more people equals more money so yea I think it's awesome more people more faces it's a lot more for the little business I manage it's more for everybody," Mcdonald said.

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