City Cracks Down on Drugs

City Cracks Down on Drugs
By: Ryan Tate
Perryville, MO - Since the start of 2005, Perryville Police have been engaging in a war on drugs. From January to April, officers arrested 38 people in drug related incidents. In 2004, they made 41 drug arrests the entire year.
"We realized early on there was a problem when we got reports of stolen medications," Perryville Police Chief Keith Tarrillion said. Tarrillion says, in the past, reports of stolen prescriptions would go unnoticed in his department, until investigators had time to get around to it. Now, it's a top priority.
"A lot of times those reports were placed to the side until they had time to investigate them. Now we have an officer investigate it as quickly as possible," Tarrillion said.
In December of 2004, within a matter of days, three Perryville residents died after overdosing on drugs. Dean Novach, Jr. and Michelle Welty died from Oxycotin overdoses. Dwayne Hill died from a Cocaine overdose. Tarrillion says the increased emphasis on drugs by his department did not correspond with those deaths.
Tarrillion credits work with Perryville doctors and pharmacists and his department in helping to stop prescription drug thefts.
"With a proactive approach, they [drug users and sellers] won't want to come here anymore," Tarrillion said.