Tech Tuesday: Google maps tricks for your phone

Tech Tuesday: How to navigate your phone maps app hands free

(KFVS) - We all know how important it is to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel when driving. Here are some ways to use the maps on your smart phone while still staying relatively hands-free.

Changing some settings on your Android phone's Google Maps app makes it hands-free for finding specific directions, or more general ones..

In the Google Maps app, go to Settings, tap Navigation, then "OK Google detection"

Make sure the "while driving" toggle is turned on.

Then when you're out and about, start a command by saying "OK Google," then a word from the list of commands.

To get directions use the word "Navigate" like "navigate to fisherman's wharf".

But you can also just say "Find" like "find gas stations".

You can even find out where you are by saying "OK Google…what road is this?"

With an Apple product, Siri is where to turn for directions while keeping it hands free.

You can ask Siri to take you to the nearest grocery store, closest burger joint, or take you home.

Just press and hold the Home button on your iPhone, wait until you hear two quick beeps, and then tell Siri where you want to go.

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