Several Injured in Crane Accident

Several Injured in Crane Accident
By: Wes Wallace

NEW MADRID, MO -- A construction site accident involving a crane, sends seven workers to the hospital.

"Some had broken legs, looked like a few head injuries."  New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens arrived on the scene shortly after things went terribly wrong Monday afternoon.  "There were seven injured on the ground, two were standing with minor injuries, but the others were very serious."

So serious, it took three helicopters and two ambulances to transport the wounded to area hospitals.

The workers were helping build a grain storage silo at Cargill Grain, which sits along the Mississippi River in New Madrid.

"Apparently, the crane was moving a beam, it got over-balanced, the beam struck the scaffolding, some workers were up on it, and it caused them to all fall to the ground," explains Stevens.

The workers were not employed by Cargill, instead a contractor and sub contractor were using crews to build the new silo.

Investigators from OSHA and Cargill will survey the damage on Tuesday, in the meantime, security guards will keep an eye on the scene through the night.