Carbondale restaurant holding the avocado following price spike

Grocers, restaurants nationwide dealing with avocado shortage

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - At least one restaurant in Carbondale has stopped offering avocados because of high prices on the fruit nation-wide.

Even though the price on the menu doesn't change every day at most restaurants, the prices that restaurant is paying for the ingredients is changes constantly.

"Most weeks, we'll pay $40 to $50 for a case of avocados," said Long Branch Café Manager Andrew Guyton on Thursday. "Recently, we've seen cases going for more than $100."

Because of that spike, the restaurant has temporarily stopped offering the product, in hopes prices will return to normal and they can begin serving it again at the original prices.

According to a report published by the Los Angeles Times, California avocado growers are fighting record high temperatures and severe weather, leading some harvesters to lose more than 20 percent of their crop.

"That's what our suppliers are blaming it on… availability, and competition in the market," Guyton said. "If we don't see some relief, we might have to revisit the price on our menu and bump it a little bit in order for it to make sense for us as a business."

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