Superintendent: Students back in class, at least 1 sick after gas leak at high school

Superintendent: Students back in class, at least 1 sick after gas leak at high school

BROSELEY, MO (KFVS) - Students were cleared from classrooms on Wednesday, October 27 after a gas leak at Twin Rivers High School.

According to Superintendent Jeremy Siebert, there was at least one call of a student being sick.

He said it happened in the C Building of the high school and impacted about five classrooms.

Once the staff found out, he said the school shut the gas off and cleared the students out of the rooms. They then aired the classrooms out.

But some parents like Heather Mattingly, who says her daughter was later diagnosed at the hospital with exposure to toxic fumes, says the school district did not do enough.

"It's very concerning and upsetting," Mattingly said.

Officials at Twin Rivers High School say several students visited the nurses office Wednesday morning complaining of severe headaches.

Gas crews determined propane was leaking from a heating unit on the roof.

Siebert says school officials took the necessary steps to ensure students were safe."

"We got the affected parts of the buildings evacuated, opened all the doors and window, our propane company was there right away," Siebert said.

He says the school did not believe there was a large threat since the leak did not trip any of the carbon monoxide detectors in the classrooms.

But parents say it was the lack of communication that has them upset.

The district says it hears those concerns.

"We never got a phone call, we never got a recording that they was evacuating the school," parent Shelly Gray said.

"In hindsight we could have done a call out to the parents, it was one of those days where we had several different things going on," Siebert said.

As her daughter continues to recover, Mattingly says she just hopes it won't happen again.

"I just wish they would have handled it differently."

The district says it's working to repair the leak as quick as possible.

Siebert says the heating and cooling system is slated to get a complete overhaul next year.

Classes were back in session on Thursday, Oct. 27.

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