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More bang for your buck: online clothing rentals expand your wardrobe with less cost

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It's like Uber for the little black dress, and online subscription clothing rental companies can help you keep your wardrobe up-to-date with less cost. For a fee every month, you get the latest trends without the buyer's remorse.

Here are a few you might like to try to save money on your clothing budget with the newest fashion trend.

Rent the Runway works a lot like Netflix used to with DVD rentals. It started as a one-piece-at-a-time service. Spot a trendy dress or accessory you like? Rent it, wear it, then send it back. Now with it's Unlimited program users can rent up to three items at a time and keep each for as long or as little as they want. Once a renter returns one piece of clothing, usually by mail, she gets shipped another one from her “queue.” The Unlimited program costs $139 a month. You can still rent single clothing pieces and accessories for a set price.

LeTote offers a variety of rental programs to accommodate different budgets for both classic and maternity members. Prices range from $39-$59 per month featuring tiered pricing and clothing-only alternatives. All subscriptions provide members with access to Le Tote’s full inventory of apparel, with more than 150 top brands including Vince Camuto, Calvin Klein and French Connection. Wear your "tote" for as long as you like, then return it with free shipping. You also have the option to buy items from your "tote" at a 30-50% discount.

Stitch Fix adds in stylists to help pick out pieces that fit your "style profile". It's less of a clothing rental site, and fills more of a personal shopper role. The site's creators wanted to provide a place for people who need to wear nicer clothes for events or work but who don’t want to spend hours in clothing stores putting together outfits. After you fill out the Stitch Fix style survey (which takes 10-15 minutes), the site's stylists chooses pieces that fit your Style Profile, then sends them to you by the date of your choice. You have three days to try on the items at home, choose what you like to buy, and/or send what you don't want back. Stitch Fix charges you a $20 stylist fee when they send you the items, and the average price point for pieces is around $55. 

Gwynnie Bee caters to plus-sized fashionistas, carrying sizes 10-32. Customers can shop through hundreds of clothing items and add the ones they like to their virtual closet. There are several packages available ranging from $49-$95 per month depending on how many items you have at a time, and the site has specialized collections like "Workwear", "Casual Weekend", and "Dressing Up". You can wear what you get once and exchange it, or keep it as long as you want.

Maternity clothes can be pricey, and you only wear them when you’re expecting. If you’re shopping for two, try “Borrow for your bump," where instead of investing in clothes you’ll only wear a few months, you can rent them. For $99 per month you get a box with four pieces to wear. The site says that each box is personally bundled for you by one of its stylists that reviews your chosen style, clothing size and your order profile, to prepare the perfect bundle for you. Borrow for your Bump also specializes in more formal apparel for expecting moms, and outerwear.

Other maternity clothing rental sites include:

  • Mine for Nine: which has both rental and buy options, and even some baby stuff.
  • Pink Blush: which has both maternity and non-maternity clothes, and even plus-sized maternity items.

Companies are also starting to cater to men who like fashion.

Bombfell allows you to set your style, and a budget. You can either specify what you want, like "two button-downs and a pair of jeans," or let Bombfell's stylists surprise you. 

Curator and Mule specializes in accessories. For $60 a season, or $240 a year, the site will send you a box will ship with four to five of that season's must-have accessories like wallets and sunglasses.

Hall Madden caters to men who need dress shirts.  You get 3 shirts delivered to you every three, four or six months for $150 dollars each shipment. Shirts are tailored to fit different body types and are available in slim cut, athletic cut or classic cut.

Root Bizzle skips the shirt and goes straight to the ties. For $25 a month a new silk tie is delivered to your door. You can specify the style you want.

And Manpacks specializes in the basics: shirts, socks, underwear and grooming supplies. Men choose what they want to receive and get a reminder every three months when it's time to reorder. With a "Manpacks Solutions" subscription starting at $30 a month, you'll get a box of 3-5 personal-care products like deodorant, shaving cream and body spray.

For all these sites, you usually don’t have to wash or dry clean any of the items you rent, the companies do that for you.

They also include prepaid envelopes for you to ship items back.

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