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'Tooth Wizard' and 'PlaqueMan' made recent stop in Cape Girardeau

(Source: Land of Smiles) (Source: Land of Smiles)

Tooth Wizard, his sister Tooth Fairy, and their archenemy PlaqueManSM have been traveling Missouri roadways for more than a decade on a mission to motivate Missouri kids to adopt healthy life habits through a fun, interactive program known as "Land of Smiles."

Since Delta Dental of Missouri premiered its first show in 2002, the actors have reached approximately 785,000 kids through more than 3,750 school-based performances.

The 2016 "Land of Smiles" fall tour is currently underway with two casts of characters visiting schools throughout the state, one of which recently stopped at Alma Schrader Elementary and Nell Holcomb Elementary School in Cape Girardeau County.

The students at both schools were visited by Tooth Wizard as he battled against PlaqueManSM for the health of teeth everywhere.

The pair’s fun antics excited the children about brushing and flossing properly and visiting Tooth Wizard’s “best friend,” the dentist.

Some lucky volunteers were magically transformed into teeth to help Tooth Wizard demonstrate the art of cleaning between teeth with floss and rinsing with mouthwash, as they squealed under a surprise bucket full of swishing streamers.

The characters also discussed what foods are good and bad for teeth and overall health, the importance of having fluoride varnishes applied to teeth, exercising daily and making healthy choices.

The cast came bearing gifts for the students.

Each child was sent home with a “smile bag” from Delta Dental, packed with a toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, container of floss, an educational coloring sheet and a mirror decal reminding them to brush twice daily.

After the show, the school received a Healthy Smiles Toolkit that provides a curriculum guide with six lessons and activities teachers can use in the classroom to reinforce the oral health messages of the Land of Smiles show.

Teachers have also voiced to the actors that they wished the characters could come to the classrooms to teach math and other subjects because they do such a fantastic job reaching kids in a manner that enables the information to really sink in.

“The work accomplished through Land of Smiles is completed as part of our social mission,” commented Rob Goren, president and CEO of Delta Dental of Missouri.

“We are committed to the well-being of the communities in our state, and we place great emphasis on outreach programs, school-based educational events and other oral health initiatives. Tooth decay is nearly 100 percent preventable. The formula is simple. You need to brush twice daily, floss and see a dentist twice a year.”

Those interested in having the award-winning Land of Smiles program visit their child’s school can have their child’s teacher, principal or school nurse visit www.LandofSmilesProgram.org or call 888-383-0008.

To learn more about Delta Dental of Missouri, visit www.DeltaDentalMO.com. Helpful oral health news and information is also available on the company’s website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter @DeltaDentalMO.

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