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Dog reunited with MO owners days after running away from crash

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A Springfield, Missouri couple decided to take a trip to Asheville, North Carolina with their dog on Friday, but after a couple hours on the road, things took a turn for the worse. 

Madison Vodicka and her boyfriend Brandon Moore were driving through Carter County, Mo. when they failed to negotiate a curve on Highway 60. Vodicka said they ended up slamming into a mud pit and a bluff.  

"We didn't make the turn and slid down the hill into the other lane of traffic and then slammed into a little bluff," Moore said. 

Not knowing the extent of the damage, Vodicka thought the car might catch fire and they thought they might still be in the road as well. 

"I was just screaming 'get out of the car! Get out of the car!'" Vodicka exclaimed. "That's when she ran away."

It was then that their dog Fern ran away. Vodicka and Moore thought she went into a wooded area while they were making sure each other were okay. 

"The sheriff even said he was surprised we were walking away from the accident," Vodicka said. 

A short time later they were still on scene getting checked out by authorities while their car was getting towed away by Mike and Ike Towing when they heard howling. 

"We immediately talked to the police about it and they immediately went to the nearby houses where we heard dogs howling until 3 a.m. that night looking for her," Vodicka said. 

"Unbelievable," Moore added. "Those guys were just awesome."

After getting checked out and their vehicle totaled, they started searching for Fern. On Saturday, they knocked on doors, searched the Van Buren area and posted on Facebook that their dog was missing and they were determined to find her. 

The post was shared over 2,300 times. 

"Unbelievable! I want to hug everybody here man. It's just cool man," Moore said. "We just can't believe how nice everybody's been and just work together and call each other and all those shares. It's just been incredible."

The couple did get a lot of calls about their dog being seen. Some a lot farther away than they ever thought their dog could have traveled. 

"People called us to tell us they sighted her different places," Moore said. "One person said they sighted her 21 miles to the west. Ellsinore. [Later on Sunday] We were sitting on the square and that lady saw her and said that's who she saw up there 21 miles away."

Meanwhile, they stayed the night again at a motel in Van Buren and woke up Sunday morning to a phone call. 

"I just answered it. The guy that found us. Joe Neal, the guy who found her," Moore said. "He just said I think I have your dog!"

Fern was found and was soon reunited with Moore and Vodicka. 

"She just came up wandering to the side of the house and she sat on their front porch waiting to be fed knowing her," Moore said. 

We caught up with Vodicka and Moore at the Scenic River Cabins in Van Buren where they decided to adjust their vacation and stay there and canceled their plans to go to North Carolina. Unfortunately, they were a little worse for the wear but happy they are all alive. 

"She seems sore for sure just getting into the truck and stuff. Not her normal self," Vodicka said. "We'll be taking it easy for a while."

They just noticed Fern was limping as Vodicka and Moore started feeling pains after the wreck. But they said they are happy and feel the best scenario came out of a tragic situation. 

"It honestly couldn't have been a better situation for how traumatic it was. We lucked out in so many ways," Moore said. 

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