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SEMO Foodbank plans to bring disaster relief shelter for first responders

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Whenever there's a disaster, first responders help those affected to safe shelters - but they sometimes find themselves without a place to go.

The SEMO Foodbank wants to make sure those first people to help are not the first ones to be forgotten.

Jennifer Wood works for the SEMO Foodbank and wants to bring a disaster shelter specifically for first responders to the Bootheel area.

"You never know and if it hit here before, it's likely to hit here again,"  Wood said. "It's important that we have this shelter for first responders, so that they are able to do the work, so that they can implement the services."

Wood plans for the shelter to house everything first responders will need during that demanding time.

It's all in an effort to help responding officers like Miner Police captain Lance Ash.

"The first thing I'm going to be thinking about when I'm dealing with the citizens is I'm going to be wondering if my family is safe, is my fellow officers are safe," Ash said.

Ash said knowing the shelter will be there with everything his family may need will give him peace of mind.

"You spend long hours in a disaster and you see this stuff on the news where these officers are spending long hours, but you don't see where they're staying or what they're doing afterwards and that's a important factor that needs to be looked at!" he said.

It's a factor, Wood said this shelter would address.

"A lot of the times we maybe have minutes to seek the appropriate shelter during disaster and this would be a perfect place for it," she said.

Wood also said the food bank will continue to raise money in the community to bring this shelter to life.

We'll keep you updated on how that goes.

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