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Heartland residents sound off before last presidential debate

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off again for their third and final presidential debate on Wednesday night.

So how are you feeling about seeing the two face off one last time?

"United we stand, divided we fall,"  Richard Emanuel, Charleston resident said.

"I missed the first debate, but I did watch the second one and I do will watch it tonight," Ruth Taylor Wickliffe resident said.

Q. Are you planning on watching the debate? Do you hope to hear about certain topics? What do you plan on getting out of it?

"Well I just hope to see, I mean you know I have sympathy for this country and the nation and I just  want to see thing go in a way to benefit all the people," Emanuel said.

"Well I'm hoping Mr. Trump stays to the issues instead of defending himself," Taylor said.

Q. Are there certain topics that you want to here them talk about tonight that will help you make up your mind?

"Well health care is one, the protection of the country, as a whole from terrorist activity and stuff like that. Those are the things that really concerns me because I have grandchildren and I would like to see the country stand," Emanuel said.

Q. Have you made your decision yet or are you waiting?

"No I haven't, I like Mrs. Hillary but that's all I can say about it," Emanuel said.

"I'm going to vote for the lesser of the two evils which would be Mr. Trump," Taylor said.

Q. Is there anything Clinton could talk about tonight that would change your mind?

"No, not really I don't have any faith in her, I don't have any trust in her, because of her past issues," Taylor said.

Q. Would you be open to what would come out of tonight's debate?

"No not really... I just like some of the things Mrs. Hillary Clinton says she's been in politics for years," Emanuel said.

Q. What are you expecting at tonight's debate?

"I missed the first debate and I saw the second debate and again it was just - it looked like a teenage fight. You know, 'you did this this person person did this.' That shouldn't matter. What matters is if they're going to be the leaders here of the United States, then they need to stick to the facts and tell us what they can do to improve the state of the nation," Taylor said.

"I just think it will be a little bit more toned down as far as rhetoric - male and female - I just think that will be more toned down," Emanuel said.

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