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Heartland election officials: Election rigging highly unlikely

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On the presidential campaign trail, Republican nominee Donald Trump has been making headlines for his assertion that the election is being "rigged" against him. 

Trump blamed media bias and made mention of unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud. 

On Tuesday, October 18, President Obama responded to Donald Trump's claims and said the GOP nominee needs to "stop whining."

President Obama stressed elections are run by state and local officials who come from both major political parties.

With that rhetoric being a hot topic on the campaign trail, we talked with multiple Heartland election officials to get their take.

"It's very unlikely someone can perfectly forge someone else's signature and already, know all of their information, and be able to vote in place of someone else," Jackson County Clerk and Recorder Larry Reinhardt said.

Reinhardt said rigging an election in the state of Illinois is highly unlikely.

"I know there's several organizations on a national level who've done studies over the past 10 to 15 years and in millions of votes cast they've found literally single digits' cases where voter impersonation has actually occurred," Reinhardt said.

Reinhardt's assertion echoes that of election officials all over the country and there are safeguards in place everywhere to keep it from happening.

"In Illinois, we do a signature verification, both for early voting and for election day," Reinhardt said. "A person would have to literally forge someone else's signature, know their name, address or information and if there's any question on that signature match or whatever election judges or poll watchers will ask of course for your I.D., ask for verification."

In Cape Girardeau County, Supervisor of Elections Allen Seabaugh said a program called "Missouri Centralized Voter Registration System" helps prevent voter fraud.

"We get data based on who is diseased and different information like that that allows us to then catch some of those situations it also helps protect from duplicate voters or registered in one or more county in the state," Seabaugh said.

From the Associated Press, here's a closer look at what Trump has said and historical data on voter fraud.

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