10/18/16 - Sports Role Models

10/18/16 - Sports Role Models

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

You don't need to look far to find role models in the sports world. But this summer it seems many of the athletes are making headlines for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, bad behavior by a handful of troubled athletes tends to make us think negatively about all athletes. But that shouldn't be the case and we want to make a point of highlighting the thousands of deserving college and professional athletes that act as a positive role model every day.

You see it right here in the Heartland. At Southeast Missouri State hundreds of Redhawk student athletes logged more than four thousand community service hours during the last year, working with Feed My Starving Children, Pink Up Cape, and other organizations that have a real impact in our community. The same at SIU where student athletes are active in community programs like Super Bowl for Hunger and the Just Read program. And that is just at the college level. Thousands of high school athletes are volunteering their time to make the Heartland a better place to live.

I applaud the tremendous efforts on and off the field by these players I encourage you to do the same. Don't let the negative stories cloud what is really going on. These student-athletes are making a positive impact in our communities and I'm proud to call them my role model!

I'm Scott Thomas, and that's our Viewpoint!

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