10/16/16 - Autumn In The Heartland

10/16/16 - Autumn in the Heartland

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

Autumn has arrived!. After a long hot summer make time to get outside and enjoy the abundance of nature we have in the Heartland. We're lucky to live in this area where close-knit communities seem like families. And family friendly events are in no short supply.

These days our kids are spending way too much time with their eyes fixed on screens, so it's up to us to help them unplug! Get this: back in 2008 teens spent an average of 20 hours a week of "screen time." We thought that was a lot then. But only eight years later that number has skyrocketed. Now it's a whopping nine hours of screen time per day!  That's nearly 65 hours a week, much more than the average full-time job. And that doesn't even including  school or homework…WOW!!!

So let's turn off those screens and enjoy the world outside the world wide web, and Facebook, and Snapchat, and Instagram. Jump into a leaf pile with your kids. Go for a walk with family or friends. Visit a local historical site. Maybe even try a camping trip. Luckily for us in the Heartland, you don't have to go far to find something fun to do. From festivals to pumpkin patches, there's something near you. Just check out Fall In the Heartland.com to get started. You'll never regret making memories, so unplug and enjoy Autumn in the Heartland.

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our Viewpoint.

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