Walking for a Cause

Walking for a Cause
By: Wendy Ray

Three Heartland women are getting ready to walk a long way, make that 39 miles, and they're only taking two days to do it. So, you're probably asking yourself, why are they walking that far? They're walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer next month in Chicago to honor someone very special to them, who died of breast cancer too early in life.

Thursday morning Heidi Hume, Cindy Heisserer, and Betty Heisserer are doing a short walk from Heidi’s job at a beauty shop in Jackson, but in three weeks they'll be making a much longer trek. "It starts June 4th and the first day we walk a marathon which is 26 miles. The second day we walk 13 miles so it's a marathon and a half," Cindy says.

It was Cindy’s idea to do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Chicago. Cindy had Heidi, who’s her friend, and Betty, her mother in law, also sign up. The reason for walking 39 miles is near to Cindy’s heart. "My Mom passed away from breast cancer in 1988," Cindy says. "I just thought this would be a way to honor her memory and all the breast cancer survivors and those who passed away." Cindy’s mom, Jane Bock, was only 48 when breast cancer took her life. "Hopefully this day and age they have a lot more research and medicine, that's why we want to walk and help them find a cure," Cindy says.

With every step Cindy, Heidi, and Betty take to support breast cancer research, they think of Cindy’s mom, and all the other women who have battled the disease. "I know it's a good cause and I've known several people who've been affected by breast cancer," Heidi says. "It’s made me more aware of people who've gone through this or have someone in someway affected by this," Betty says.

Cindy, Betty, and Heidi had to raise $1,800 a piece for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer; all of them exceeded that amount.