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41 Weeks - Still wating and still changing this baby's name

Well, I’m more than a week overdue now and nearing closer and closer to the arrival of this little girl.  My first daughter was 10 days late and I’m now 8 days late.  I’m hoping she beats her sister and arrives very soon!  I’ve tried many of the old wives tales but nothing seems to be working so far.  I’ve overall been feeling pretty good the last week.  I’m not sleeping great, but that’s to be expected at this point.  I’ve also dealt with some acid reflex at night which is not so fun, but luckily it seems to go away after I fall asleep.  I’ve been a little “crampy” for the last week, but nothing consistent yet.

I had a doctor’s appointment today and there was no real progress.  I’m still about 1cm dilated and about 60% effaced.  My doctor did strip my membranes today and that can help send some women into labor so we will see. 

Last week I thought we settled on two names…but each day that ticks by it seems like that might not be the case.  Today we talked about another name.  Hopefully she gets here soon because her name might change another 10 times!  LOL!  Monday I will be 42 weeks pregnant, and if the baby is still not here I will likely be induced.  I am REALLY REALLY hoping she makes her arrival before that though, because I really would like to have a natural birth with no drugs.  Ultimately, I just want a healthy baby girl so whatever gets me to that end goal is fine with me!  I’m surprisingly calm right now though.  I think everyone around me is way more anxious than I am.  I know that labor is going to be really HARD and it will be really HARD when she gets here too…so I’m just enjoying my family of three right now.

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