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Graves Co. clerk files last voter registrations, prepares for election day

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The clock is ticking in Kentucky as people turn in their voter registration applications at the last minute in order to vote in the November election.

Kentucky voters who didn’t turn their voter registration in person can register online before midnight, Oct 11.

It’s a new option here in Kentucky that has kept the clerk’s office very busy.

“A lot of people checking to see if they’re registered to vote, a lot of people registering, so it’s been very busy," Graves Co. clerk Barry Kennemore said

After introducing online registration, he didn’t know how potential voters would respond.

“I was kind of nervous about it, we got all ages," he said. "We’ve got two hundred and eight applications in our file right now from driver’s license and other social service agencies and of those two hundred and eight, truly a half of them are coming from online voters!”

The clerk expects thousands of Graves county voters to turnout for this popular election.

Absentee voting has already started, and already more than a dozen voters have cast a ballot.

“There’s a lot of interest in this election season," Kennemore said. "Even when people come into license their cars, especially when there’s a debate the night before that’s what they want to talk to you about!”

“This has been one of the most unusual presidential elections we have ever seen," republican voter Clayton Howe said.

Howe said no matter who wins this election, it’s best for people to register and vote in order to make their voices heard.

“Voter turnout is good for the country and good for everyone," he said. "No matter what the result is, if the large majority of the people vote, then everyone can agree as to the outcome and that is really important in this country, we could use a little unity."

Kennemore estimates some 65 percent of Graves County voters will head to the polls on November 8, so he warns that voters could run into delays on Election Day.

“If you want to go right before work, expect to stand in line," he said. "If you’re going to go for lunch, expect to stand in line, if you want go after work, expect to stand in line because that are the most popular times for us to vote in Graves county. So if you can stagger and go sometime in between there then that will be better.”

You can click here for more information on registering to vote in Kentucky.

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