Computer Rage

Computer Rage
By: Wes Wallace

Think about how you react when your computer doesn't do what you want. It locks up, gives you an error message, or just runs too slow. All pretty annoying performance problems.

Some people shake the keyboard, others smack the monitor, and then there are extreme cases where you lay the smackdown on your hard drive.

"There's really no need to abuse your computer or any of it's part," says James White, a Cape Girardeau computer expert, "Computer rage like that can be costly.

It can be costly to your PC or laptop and also to your body.

"If you really get mad and kick your hard drive, I've known people to break a toe, since it's a steel cage," explains White and points to a cracked LCD monitor, "Or look at this, someone took their fist and just busted right through the screen."

White says even by slightly shaking your keyboard or tapping your monitor, you could do serious damage, by causing some of the connection and internal cables to come loose. If you're a little too violent with your hard drive, White explains the components are very fragile, and could break easily.

So what do you do to avoid all this?

White advises a simple suggestion, "Turn off the computer, wait a minute, and turn it back on. You'd be amazed at how many problems that solves. And if you really feel the need to slam some part of your computer. Get up, walk away, and come back a few minutes later."