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Is weightlifting or cardio better for weight loss?

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Which is better cardio or weight training?
Fitness Trainer Tamatha Crowson shares the benefits of each and why one might be preferable over the other.

When you do a cardio workout, you actually burn more calories per minute than you would with a strength training workout. 

Crowson also says cardio can be an appetite suppressant.

“Especially if you are doing an interval training program if you work,” Crowson said.  “People tend to feel less hungry for a while after they do that kind of workout.”

But when you lift weights…

“You have a higher metabolism through the rest of the day,” Crowson said. “It’s significantly higher than if you just did cardio.  You even have long term benefits with your metabolism because you’re putting on lean muscle mass.”

If you avoid lifting weights because you worry about getting bulky, Crowson says they likelihood of that happening is slim.

“Bulky muscles almost never happen by accident,” Crowson said. “Most people you see that are big, they work very, very hard for that end result.”

If you are looking to reshape your body, she says weightlifting is the way to go. 

“Adding just a little bit of muscle mass is all if take,” Crowson said.  “You will look more toned and you can even change the way your body is shaped and the way it looks by weightlifting.”

Crowson says the best thing to do is combine both of them. 

“The way I would recommend doing it is 3 to 4 days of strength training and 2 to 3 days of cardio.”

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