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Perryville police urging parents to ease children's fears on clown sightings

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The Perryville Police Department is asking parents to help law enforcement and schools ease children's fears about recent incidents of clown sightings around the nation.

Officer Jeri Cain and Deputy Joe Berry were at Perryville Elementary School on Friday afternoon, October 7 to reassure children that they are safe.

"We are seeing anxiety in our students, especially younger children, at our local schools, who have been hearing news reports and people discussing the 'scary clown' sightings around the nation," Assistant Chief Bill Jones said. "Children are asking their teachers if clowns are going to attack them, we've seen children who are scared to go to school or play outside because they're told that clowns are threatening people."

Asst. Chief Jones said there have been no incidents of threatening "scary" clowns in Perryville.

He said there have been no reported incidents of clowns at the schools and no credible threats relating to anyone dressed as a clown and having a threatening manner at any of the schools, or elsewhere in the community.

"We remind kids that we're having a great school year, that next week is Homecoming and we're going to have fun, and that all of their teachers and the police are here to keep them safe," said Andy Comstock, superintendent at District 32. "It's heartbreaking to see children this upset about a thoughtless prank that's occurring in other places."

Asst. Chief Jones asked that adults also use the weekend to reassure their children that they are safe and that police, parents and teachers are watching over them.

"It's helpful to remind children that not everything they see on social media is always accurate," Asst. Chief Jones said.

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