Highway Patrol Releases New Video for Teens

Highway Patrol Releases New Video for Teens
By: CJ Cassidy

Many of us think we're invincible when we're young.

But police point out a sobering statistic, traffic crashes are the number one cause of deaths among teenagers.

That's why the Missouri Highway Patrol. has invested their time and effort into coming up with a brand new video, that takes the viewer along to some of those crash sites.

This time around there's no holding back. The tape is full of graphic images that include mangled bodies crushed under cars, and quite a bit of blood.

Still we wanted to find out from the horse's mouth, so we showed the tape to a couple of teenagers to get their take on it.

"My daughter did not mean to drive in that car and kill herself," a highway patrol trooper says of her own child's death.

"The next day was Valentine's Day instead of picking out flowers I was picking out a casket for him," another woman says of her husband's tragic ending.

The twenty minute long tape tugs at your heartstrings.

But that's not all.

"The graphics were more intense and showed a lot more," 18-year old Heather Wilson points out.

"We try to do something that catches their attention, so we got a lot more graphic pictures in it. But unfortunately those are real pictures in it and accidents that happened in Missouri," Highway Patrol Sgt. Larry Plunkett says.

Wilson admits the tape certainly struck a nerve with her.

"Every time I drink, if my mom knows that, she says "if you ever have anything to drink call me"" Wilson says.

That's advice both Wilson and Sydney Eubank say they won't hesitate to use, especially after sitting in on this session.

"After seeing them talk to parents about their kids, I couldn't imagine them telling my mother that," Wilson says.

"I don't want to be in that position or my friends to be in that position either," Eubank says.

Of course police say they can only hope the video helps saves some lives.

Sgt. Plunkett plans on taking the tape around to schools in the area to share it with students.

He says he couldn't everyone out to a real accident scene and the tape is the next best thing.

Police say the biggest factors among teenagers drinking and driving, speeding, and inattention.