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40 Weeks - We finally have a name!

Week 40 – We have a name

As I write this, I’m technically 4 days “overdue”.  I can’t say that I’m surprised, as I have prepared for this all along.  My first daughter was 10 days “late” so I’ve just kind of assumed this baby would take the same path.  Seems like my babies get quite cozy in there. LOL.  At my doctor’s appointment earlier this week not much has changed from last week.  I’m still just 1cm dilated and 60% effaced.  Most important, we did a Non-stress test and baby girl looks active and healthy.

We’ve had HUGE HUGE HUGE progress in the name this week.  My husband and I have gone round and round and round with sooooooo many names the last several months.  We actually have in narrowed down to two names now.  One he likes a little more and the other I like a little more.  I’m hoping it just clicks when she is here and we know exactly which one to choose.  We’ve decided to just keep the names to ourselves right now.  We’ve shared lots and lots of names with friends and family over the last few months but now that her arrival is so close (hopefully) we decided to keep them private.  I’ll give you a little hint though.  One is a very traditional, classic name and the other is a little rarer.  Not weird, just a little less common.  The second one we actually just started discussing in the last few days!  It’s crazy to think if she would have been born last week, we wouldn’t have even had this name on our list!

I’ve been trying some of the wives tales to get labor going, but nothing has worked quite yet.  I’m trying to climb stairs, walk, and eat spicy foods…but for now she’s seems comfortable.  She is definitely low, I can really feel that she’s dropped the last few weeks.  I’ve felt a little “crampy” the last couple of days and I’m hoping that is a sign that she will be here soon!  I haven’t had much luck sleeping very well this week.  My legs are pretty crampy and changing positions in bed is still brutal.  Also, my 2 year old has been waking up the last few nights.  It is so hard for me to fall back asleep after I wake up.  I’m trying to hit the sack early though because I know one of the hardest things I will ever have to do is right around the corner!  LABOR!!!!

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