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Stoddard Co. emergency response team on standby for Hurricane Matthew relief

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While we continue to keep an eye on the hurricane’s path of destruction, an emergency response crew here in the Heartland is prepping for if they get the call to send help.

David Cooper is the manager of the Stoddard County Ambulance District.

“Once we get the word to go, we’re on our way within the next couple hours," Cooper said.

If his department is called help on the east coast, he plans to send them in their new natural disaster response bus.

“In the past we’ve always sent two units, two ambulances, this will be the first time we’ll respond with this if we get that call," he said. "It provides us within our community as well as in the region the ability to rapidly transport patients on a larger scale”

The bus can transport up to 10 patients on the stretchers and more than a dozen if they are all seated.

There’s also oxygen available for those who need it.

“We’re prepared, we’re ready to go!," manager Chuck Kasting said. "We’re able to put 10 patients at one time on the cardiac monitor, we’ll be able to monitor their blood pressure, their oxygen saturation, their heart rhythm and we’ll be able to monitor up to 20 people."

The crew will also have everything from bandages, alcohol wipes and gauze within arm’s reach while they care for patients.

There’s also plenty of disaster supply bags full of everything to keep the bus fully stocked.

“This is a local asset, a regional asset and it’s a national asset!” Cooper said.

“We have 14 members on our strike team," Kasting said. "Not all 14 will be going but the ones who don’t go will stay back and cover our shifts, so we won’t have any loss of coverage while we’re deployed if we were to get that call!”

Many people have been asking how they can help right now and Cooper tells me you can help by donating blood through the american red cross.

To find out where you can donate, click here to find the nearest location to you.

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