10/5/16 - Vote!

10/5/16 - Vote!

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

In just a few weeks millions of Americans will exercise their right as a U.S. Citizen and vote on November 8th.  And, unfortunately, millions more will not.
By international standards, recent voter turnout in the United States has been embarrassingly low. According to Pew Research, in 2012 just 53.6 percent of eligible voters in the U.S. took part in the presidential election. That means nearly half of us didn't care enough to vote.

One look at social media will tell you we are not short on opinions and certainly not shy about expressing them. So on November 8th, why not forget Facebook for a while and express your opinion in the voting booth, where it'll really mean something.

That goes for everyone, but in particular, millennials. There are now more voters born between 1981 and 1998 than baby boomers. But on election day millennials are electing to stay home. In fact, fewer millennials vote than any other generation. Admittedly, voting takes more time than posting a comment on Facebook, but unlike Facebook comments, when you vote, your opinion counts and can effect real change. One vote really can make a difference. We saw that right here in the Heartland, a tie, in Saint Francois County triggered a runoff election.

All elections are important, particularly the local ones. The most impactful policy changes often come at the state and local level. It's time for your vote to be counted. But you must be registered. If you haven't done so, the deadline is quickly approaching. It's October 11th for most of our Heartland states. Missourians have until October 12th. So take action now and register. Then when November 8th gets here you can get out from behind your computer and make your opinion really count!

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our ViewPoint.

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