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Security cameras to aid in public safety in downtown Cape Girardeau


Two security cameras are now operating to assist the Cape Girardeau Police Department in maintaining public safety in downtown Cape Girardeau.

The cameras are located at the intersection of Broadway and North Main Street and on the north side of the Merriwether Pump Station.

The cameras have been placed in locations optimizing security of the downtown area by offering a broad view of the most heavily trafficked areas.

Footage from the cameras will aid in real time area surveillance in addition to serving as a record for future observation.

Footage can be utilized from the Cape Girardeau Police Department headquarters and by officers on patrol via mobile device.

“We can really see everything without having to have physically an officer there," Lieutenant Bradley Smith.

The cameras were purchased by the Downtown Cape Girardeau Community Improvement District (DCGCID) and donated to the Cape Girardeau Police Department in June of 2016.

“Safety has been the one we’ve been focusing on the most with beautification," chairman Dave Hutson said. “It was just to enhance their services to the areas because they have a better view of what’s going on!"

The purchase and donation of the cameras were overseen by Old Town Cape, Inc., the organization contracted by the DCGCID to administer the DCGCID’s Five-Year Plan adopted by the City Council in June 2013.

The plan outlines initiatives for community improvement in the areas of downtown Cape Girardeau making it Clean & Attractive, Safe and Vibrant.

A partnership between the Cape Girardeau Police Department and Old Town Cape, Inc. on behalf of the DCGCID began in February of 2016.

At that time, the two entities were also responsible for the coordination and implementation of additional officer presence on foot patrols during strategically selected time frames including weekends and special events in downtown Cape Girardeau.

The Downtown Cape Girardeau Community Improvement District was established by the City Council of the City of Cape Girardeau in May of 2014.

The District was established as a political subdivision of the State of Missouri under the CID Act.

Old Town Cape, Inc. is a community driven, nonprofit organization that utilizes the 'Four-Point Main Street Approach' to preserve, promote, revitalize, and enrich the historic, cultural, and economic landscapes of downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Business owners and patrons of downtown Cape said they think the new cameras are a comfort - knowing that someone is protecting them at all time.

“I think it would be a good idea," patron Edward Graham said. "It could protect the people out having a good time, like drinking, I think the camera will help keep the crime down a little bit!”

“I know they’re not intruding on my privacy so that’s fine with me with it being there," business owner Nathalee Williams said. "Like me, I don’t have a camera at my store front, so that’s perfect just in case”

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